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Fruit Tree Grafting

The Services that Provide Meniv Pri / Bear Fruit

"Meniv Pri" specializes in providing complete and comprehensive solution in the field of fruit trees. The company provides professional assistance to orchards. It specializes in manufacturing, growing ,grating and refining plants. The company's services include:

Fruit Tree Grafting

  1. Grafting service to the government and privet sectors.

  2. Species swop in commercial and privet orchards.

  3. Plants grafting in commercial nurseries.

  4. Consultation and training of grafting and species swop.

Manufacturing and Growing of fruit trees

  1. Manufacturing  capabilities of all the fruit trees.

  2. Matching stock and fruit type according to customer requirements.

  3. Production quantity on demand.

  4. Production of deciduous trees, Sobtrofim, citrus and special species.

Agricultural Projects

  1. Setting up commercial Orchards.

  2. Building a array for distribution the fruits.

  3. Advising the Israel Ministry of Agriculture.

  4. Agricultural consulting firms.

  5. Ongoing work with agriculture instructors.

About Gilad Raichenberg

Gilad Reichenberg is a professional fruit trees grafter with 10 years of experience in the field and extensive expertise in manufacturing and growing varieties of fruit trees in productive nursery. Gilad is acknowledged as an Israeli expert in identifying and matching the different strains of fruit trees.

Maniv Pri Customers

Israel Ministry of Agriculture, Granot, Mehadrin, Tel Aviv University, Pri Shomron, selected kibbutzim and moshavim and private clients.

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